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BoomerangCoach works with individuals, teams, and organizations. The mission and work of the organization is accomplished through teams. The success of teams is achieved through effective collaboration of its team members. All three levels — individuals, teams, and organizations — are highly interdependent and need to be aligned around common purpose, mission and goals. We work with our clients to achieve this alignment.




BoomerangCoach works with executives, managers and professionals in organizations who want to increase their impact. This includes individuals who are working in an existing organization, starting a business or who are not sure what their next career might be.

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BoomerangCoach works with teams around the world, including: leadership teams, project and product teams, entrepreneurial teams, international and cross-cultural teams, virtual teams, and others…

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BoomerangCoach helps a wide array of organizations, including: start-ups or early stage companies, small-to-midsize companies, and global companies. We help organizations in a variety of scenarios, such as: fast growth, turnarounds, diversified workforce, international expansion, mergers & acquisitions, and other change scenarios.

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