frontmidbgBecome a Higher Performing Team

BoomerangCoach works with teams around the world, including: leadership teams, project and product teams, entrepreneurial teams, international and cross cultural teams, virtual teams, and more…

Home_Slider_of Team_Pic 4_DSC_0646_503 by 286 pxBenefits include:

  • Higher performing teams
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Better business results

frontmidbgOur Approach

While research shows the positive impact of high performing teams on a business, less than 10% of teams rate themselves as high performing. We use the proven and research-based Team Diagnostic™ methodology to measure and increase key team performance indicators, which improves team competencies on average by 20%. This leads to teams working better together and to improved business results.

frontmidbgDelivery Options

Delivery will be customized to meet your needs and may include team leader coaching, team coaching, and workshops.

Please contact us to discuss suitable options for your situation.

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