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frontrightbgAlign and Engage

Home_Slider_Org_Pic 5_DSC_0225_760 by 507 pxResearch shows that employee engagement is critical for the performance of the organization. Research also points to “purpose” as the number one engagement driver for individuals and teams. By aligning the purpose of the individual, the team and the organization, your business increases employee engagement and improves performance. 

We help:

  • Start-ups or early stage companies
  • Small-to-midsize companies
  • Global companies

… in business scenarios such as: 

  • Fast growth
  • Turnarounds
  • Diversified workforce
  • International expansions
  • Mergers & acquisitions

frontrightbgOur Approach

BoomerangCoach uses the proven the N.E.W.S™ Model for aligning an organization around mission, strategy, goals, and execution, while connecting the purpose of individuals and teams with the wider organization. This allows for a common language and framework for the strategic planning process across the entire organization. To achieve this alignment, we work with different audiences in the organization, including leadership and executive teams, mid-level managers and teams, and high potential employees.

  • Leadership and Executive Teams: We guide the leadership team through a structured, strategic planning process to align organizational values, mission, strategy, goals, and execution. Applying this model is beneficial for supporting important change initiatives and can be repeated as a yearly strategic planning process.
  • Mid-Level Managers and Teams: We guide mid-level managers and their teams through a process to identify and connect their mission and goals with the purpose of the wider organization.  A key part of this process is to identify and overcome organizational road blocks.
  • High Potential Employees: We provide group and individual coaching to high potential employees to help them align their careers with their passion and purpose. Through this workshop, participants develop a career plan to kick-start the next phase of their career in the organization.

We also help organizations with a diversified workforce or that are expanding internationally to develop the cross-cultural competence they need for success.

frontrightbgDelivery Options

Delivery will be customized to meet your needs and may include executive coaching,  group coaching or workshops.

Please contact us to discuss suitable options for your situation

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