from clients of BoomerangCoach

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Heidi Livingston Eisips
Founder/Exec. Director,
Green Tech Academy


“Reiner has been partnering with Green Tech Academy (GTA) to create and deliver workshops for professionals transitioning into sustainability careers. His powerful combination of sustainability know-how, coaching expertise and business savvy helped transform GTA/BoomerangCoach workshops into a unique and innovative way to integrate content and coaching for a lasting learning experience. The workshops consistently received excellent feedback from participants.

I highly recommend Reiner as a top-notch coach, facilitator and organizational consultant.”


Phil Sandahl 2008 HR Conference Warsaw cropped

Phil Sandahl
Co-Founder & Chief Coaching Officer at Team Coaching International (TCI)





“Reiner’s ability to work effectively with our management team helped us create a new and aligned direction for our global business. He provides the ideal combination of coach and business consultant who asks the right questions and truly listens.”





David AxelrodCo-Founder and Principal,Brewery Hill Beer Company, Colorado

David Axelrod
Co-Founder and Principal,
Brewery Hill Beer Company, Colorado



“My transition to becoming a social entrepreneur proved especially difficult when an infection nearly ended my life just as my company was launching. Reiner’s methods, insights and excellent questions in the Boomerang Approach not only helped me to overcome this challenging time but also made the transition much more successful than I would have expected at the outset.”



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Gabriele Moritz
Retired Airline Pilot and Wild Mustang Conservationist




“The BoomerangCoach service, as well as my experience with my coach, exceeded my expectations. Being a commercial pilot was no longer fulfilling to me. Reiner helped me clarify my objectives and gave me the support and direction I needed to act rather than remaining stifled by theory and undirected ideas. Now, working in conservation, I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life.”



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Reinald Schneller
Geschäftsführer and Senior Vice President,
US and EMEA Operations at Netfira




“BoomerangCoach has guided me through some difficult transitions. Reiner’s coaching helped me re-define my goals and priorities. He asked the right questions, listened to my responses and was extremely creative in providing answers and valuable advice. Reiner’s coaching has let me to a career that I truly enjoy and helped me to become more successful.”



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Gailmarie Kimmel
Executive Director,
non-profit organization




“I was very impressed with my coach’s approach. I was being pulled in very conflicting directions and Reiner was able to not only flow with that but helped me develop options to move forward. I also appreciated how astute Reiner was around strong emotions. Each session, he made sure to check in with me to find out where I was emotionally. He had no agenda other than being on my side. And that felt great!”