The Boomerang Approach BA bk cover

Return to Purpose, Ignite Your Passion:
A Straightforward Approach to Align Your Career with What You Care About

by Reiner Lomb

For people who are looking for meaning in their work, and for the coaches and managers who support them.

Do you:

  • feel stuck in your career, with no enthusiasm for your work?
  • wonder what you’ll do after retirement, or what your legacy will be?
  • long to align your work with the issues you care about most?
  • hesitate to change your career because you fear starting over, financial risk, or losing professional status?

The Boomerang Approach offers tools to conquer these issues and transition successfully to an energizing career rich with personal meaning. If you’re a professional coach, a counselor, or a manager supporting others in their own career-development and transition, these tools are designed to assist your work, too.

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“Finding your vocation involves intuition and introspection as well as linear action planning – a combination that was foreign to me. The Boomerang Approach guided me through this process by providing a structured, yet simple path of personal and professional self-exploration. The end result provided me with a clear vision of my authentic professional self, my vocation, and the steps I need to take to achieve it.”

— Megan Sanicki
Associate Director at Drupal Association.


“Reiner’s methods, insights and excellent questions made the transition much more successful than I would have expected at the outset. His experience and wisdom captured in this book are invaluable assets to anyone searching for a meaningful career and an excellent guide to get you through the challenges of the transition.”

— David Axelrod
Co-Founder and Principal at Brewery Hill Beer Company


“Reiner helped me to rediscover my passions and my strengths using The Boomerang Approach described in this book and guided me through some difficult transitions which have now finally led me to a career that I truly enjoy! This book is a wonderful tool for anyone who is considering a career change and wants to bring energy and passion back to life!” 

— Reinald Schneller
Geschäftsführer and Senior Vice President
US and EMEA Operations at Netfira, Inc.